Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is about planning ahead for your future healthcare needs. Advance Care Planning gives you the opportunity to think about, discuss and record your wishes for the type of care you would receive and the outcomes you would feel are acceptable. It helps to make sure your loved ones and doctors know what your health and personal preferences are and that these preferences are respected.

This is in case you are sick or injured and are unable to tell us what you want. Also it is in case you are too unwell to make decisions for yourself.

Ideally, advance care planning will result in your preferences being documented in a plan known as an Advance Care Directive and the appointment of a Medical Treatment Decision Maker to help ensure your preferences are respected.

To access the copies of these forms, please click the links below:

Advance Care Directive
Medical Treatment Decision Maker Form

For More Information

For more information or help with Advance Care Planning, contact National Advance Care Planning Support Service on 1300 208 582.

For instructions, please click here: Instructions for completing Advance Care Directive form

You can also talk to your local GP or the team at your health clinic, or ask a hospital staff member.

For a copy of our Advance Care Planning Brochure, click here.

Share Your Care Plan

Please give a copy of your Advance Care Directive to your family, your doctor and to your hospital.

If posting a copy of your Advance Care Directive to us, please mail to:

Medical Records
West Gippsland Healthcare Group
41 Landsborough Street