Residential Aged Care

Andrews House


Please be aware that COVID-19 restrictions are currently impacting visits to aged care facilities.

Visit the Department of Health and Human Services website or contact us before your visit to stay updated with the latest restrictions.

Andrews House does not have specified visiting hours as we like residents to treat it as their home.

Visitors are not currently required to provide evidence of an influenza vaccination.

Some activity ideas when visiting your loved ones might include:

  • Taking a walk in the garden and talking about what you see, feel and smell
  • Bring a picnic to share
  • Bring flowers from your garden and talk with your loved one about their colour, smell and what time of the year they grow
  • Bring old photos
  • Help your loved one to write letters or cards for other family members
  • Read the local newspaper together
  • Bring their favourite music to listen to
  • Bring a game to play together
  • Talk about old memories

Friendship Room

We have a friendship room used for lifestyle activities. This can be booked by residents to celebrate special occasions with family and friends. A $100 booking fee applies ($50 refundable after use providing cleaning requirements have been met).