Residential Aged Care

Andrews House

Fees and Charges

The fees for residential aged care are set by the Department of Health and Ageing. They are increased in March and September each year, and 14 days notice is given before any new changes.

Everyone who lives in a residential aged care facility will pay a daily care fee. This is set by the government. Payments to Andrews House are invoiced every fortnight and taken from your chosen bank account.

There may also be other charges depending on your income and assets. These additional charges are chosen by the government. This ensures that those who can afford to pay more towards the cost of their care do so. The Department of Social Services will assess your income and assets and this will help decide if you have to pay any extra fees.

Once you have the result of the income and assets assessment we will confirm the fees you need to pay. Staff at Andrews House can help to explain aged care fees but encourage you to also consider independent financial planning support.