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Birth Guide

WGHG Birth Guide – click to view

Other Links

Australian Breastfeeding Association click to view

Induction of Labour patient information – click to view

STOP Family Violence cards – click to view. Source:

Safe Sleeping (flyer) – click to view. Source:

Vaccine – Infant Hepatitis B (fact sheet) – click to view. Source:

Vaccine Side Effects – click to view. Source:

Movements Matter – Tommy’s – click to view.

How to sleep safely during pregnancy – Tommy’s – click to view.

Gidget Foundation Antenatal Service Overview – click to view.

Whooping Cough Vaccination in Pregnancy (info sheet) – click to view.

Pre-immunisation Checklist – click to view. Source:

Guidelines for Expressing Breastmilk – click to view. Source:

Antenatal Expression of Colostrum – click to view.

Breastfeeding Confidence (booklet) – click to view. Source:

Vitamin K for Newborn Babies (flyer) – click to view. Source:

Newborn Screening – For the Health of Your Baby – click to view website. Source:

Recovery after Birth – Physiotherapy Advice – click to view.

Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program (VIHSP) website – click to view.