Maternity Unit

Child Birth & Parenting Program

Childbirth and parenting classes are conducted by registered midwives and physiotherapists from West Gippsland Healthcare Group.


  • discomforts of pregnancy
  • antenatal exercises: pelvic floor exercises and general stretching
  • deep abdominal muscle strengthening exercises; and
  • relaxation techniques used during pregnancy, the birth and postnatal period.

Midwife class

  • registration and welcome
  • changes in pregnancy
  • stages of labour, normal birth
  • pain relief options
  • active birth, positions for birthing
  • birth suite tour, the routine hospital stay
  • interventions: c/section, vacuum extraction, forceps, induction of labour
  • introduction to breastfeeding
  • early days at home and support networks
  • postnatal issues
  • discussion time


  • introduction and overview
  • breastfeeding experience
  • the role of family members
  • how breastfeeding begins

Specialist Childbirth and Parenting Classes

Multiple Birth – Twins – Triplets.

  • types of twins
  • effects of multiple pregnancy
  • multiple ( Twin ) birth options
  • possible outcomes
  • special care nursery
  • support

Young Mums Class

  • offered for one on one or small groups when required

Class days are as follows:

Physiotherapy class

Tuesday evening 6.00 – 8.00pm
Physiotherapy Department (Community Facilitation Centre/Allied Health building)
West Gippsland Hospital


Thursday evening 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Saturday Morning 10.00am – 12.00pm
Breastfeeding house
21 Landsborough Street, Warragul

Midwife class

Saturday or Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm
Seminar Room
West Gippsland Hospital

  • please wear comfortable clothing for these classes
  • you may bring your own lunch or purchase lunch in the cafeteria