Allied and Community Health Services

Health Promotion Team: Empowering Health in Baw Baw


Welcome to our West Gippsland Healthcare Group Health Promotion team!

Our mission is to improve community well-being and public health through engaging programs. Here’s what we offer:

Healthier Environments: Collaborating with schools, workplaces, and learning centres to promote healthier habits and improve well-being.

Healthy Eating and Active Living: Educational initiatives focused on balanced diets, physical activity, and reducing sugary drink consumption.

Empowering Aboriginal Health: Monthly Aboriginal Health Yarning Sessions for open discussions and community engagement.

Collaboration and Partnership: Working with government sectors, community organisations, and other teams for maximum impact.


For further information please contact us on:

Phone: (03) 5624 3500

Email: or


Together, let’s create a healthier and happier Baw Baw Shire community!