Allied and Community Health Services

Community Rehabilitation Service (CRS)

The CRS provides time limited and goal oriented programs for people who:

  • Are recovering after an operation, illness or injury
  • Have a long term health condition which makes day to day tasks hard
  • Are frail or have difficulty walking or completing daily activities
  • Have a cardiac condition – recent event/surgery or a chronic condition
  • Have recently had knee or hip surgery

Each program is unique to the person. You can be seen either in the Community Rehabilitation Centre or at home depending on your needs.

The CRS provides general rehabilitation programs as well as specific groups such as cardiac conditioning, cardiac rehabilitation, hip group, knee group and strength and balance group.

How to book a CRS program

Your doctor or health professional will refer you to the CRS. You will then be contacted by a member of our First Call intake team for more information. A CRS staff member will then arrange your assessment.