Yarragon Early Learning Centre Eats a Rainbow

The children at Yarragon Early Learning Centre were excited to learn about ‘Eating a Rainbow’ when they were visited by the Health Promotion Team from WGHG in May.

‘Eat a Rainbow’ is a fun hands-on activity where children make a rainbow on the floor using pictures of different coloured fruits and vegetables. Yarragon students were able to talk about their favourite foods and learn about the vitamins and minerals that are in each of the different colours. In Gippsland, only 35.4% of children aged 4-12 eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables every day.

The ‘Eat a Rainbow’ activity aims to make healthy eating fun and challenge children to try something new. The activity was part of Yarragon Early Learning Centre’s involvement in the Healthy Together Victoria Achievement Program.

The centre has recently committed to becoming a health promoting service, with the aim of encouraging healthy behaviours across the whole early learning community including staff, children and families.

For more information about the Achievement Program or to enquire about ‘Eat a Rainbow’, please contact Angela Greenall and Kira Hardy at West Gippsland Healthcare Group on 56243500.