Healthy achievement program for West Gippsland Healthcare Group

WGHG has been recognised for promoting and improving the health, safety and wellbeing of its 1,000 plus staff.
WGHG recently completed recognition in all priority areas of the Victorian Government’s Workplace Achievement Program. The program provides a framework for continuous improvement, enabling WGHG to embed health and wellbeing into the organisation’s culture and have a positive impact on morale, safety and productivity.

Chief Executive Officer, Dan Weeks, said it was a terrific achievement for WGHG to meet standards of best practice based on the World Health Organisation’s Healthy Workplaces Model.
“Over the past 5 years, work has been undertaken in a range of areas to assist staff to quit smoking, improve physical activity, raise awareness of mental health issues, and to make healthier choices with food and alcohol consumption.”

The WGHG Health and Wellbeing Committee, with representatives from across the organisation, has provided training, online information as well as presentations, posters and screen savers to share information with staff on each topic.

WGHG’s Health promotion team also works with schools, kindergartens and other organisations on projects to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace. For more information call 56243545 or go to: