Butt Out At Hospital

WGH will be the next area where smoking bans will be enforced as part of new state government legislation forcing people to butt out in public areas.The hospital and other community health services within the West Gippsland Healthcare Group will be a total smoke free zone.

The new bans will come into force next week, having been brought forward by the state government, after initially being set for a June 30 introduction.

From next Monday smoking will be banned on the grounds of, and within four metres of an entrance to, hospitals and community health services, schools, childcare centres, kindergartens and preschools, and many government buildings including parliament, courts and police stations.

The West Gippsland Healthcare Group, who has had a smoke free policy for more than 20 years, has welcomed the new bans.

WGHG chief executive officer Dan Weeks said given there was already a smoke free policy in place with ample signage around the hospital and community healthcare service centres, this was an opportune time to reinforce to the community that smoking at our premises is prohibited.

“WGHG’s smoke free policy extends to the whole facility, including hospital grounds. The new tobacco reforms now legislate that smoking is not allowed at and within four metres of an entrance to a public hospital or registered community health centre, thus providing a means of enforcement.

“We welcome this new legislation as some visitors and members of the public, blatantly ignore the prominent non-smoking signs, particularly near the main entrance to the hospital and emergency department.
“It is clear a minority of the public are still choosing to ignore our signs and policy and instead smoke outside the main entrances”.

– Article by Warragul Gazette