A pleasing result for WGHG

WGHG held their Annual General Meeting on 15th October which saw close to 100 people from the community attend.

The West Gippsland Healthcare Group held their Annual General Meeting on 15th October which saw close to 100 people from the community attend.

The proceedings started with Chairman Brian Davey providing an overview of the highlights and successes of the Group for the 2012/13 year. The financial result for 2012-13 was pleasing with a much smaller deficit of $420,000, compared to a budgeted deficit of over $900,000 and a deficit of $1.3 million in 2011/12. Appreciation was expressed to all staff and visiting medical staff for their combined effort in achieving a great result in what at times proved a challenging year.

In accordance with statutory and Government requirements, the Annual Report was presented and made available to attendees. The 2013 Quality of Care Report was also released. Both publications are available from WGHG’s website at www.wghg.com.au

Numerous partner and provider groups were acknowledged including; Universities, the TAFE sector, Neerim District Health Service, Latrobe Regional Health, Central Gippsland Health Service, Bass Coast Health Service and Latrobe Community Health Service.

A special thank you went to the Community for all the support, ranging from cards and compliments that lift the spirits of staff, to the many, many donations that are received each year. Over $865,000 was received in donations and bequests in the past year, which was noted as a remarkable achievement.

The statistics and highlights for the year 2012-13 included:
•The Emergency Department had 20,071 presentations
•1020 babies were delivered (up 16% from the previous year)
•West Gippsland Hospital was the highest birthing hospital in the Gippsland Region for the year
•1,360 staff were employed
•There was a total of 10,134 hospital admissions
•There was 3,078 operations performed
•Minister David Davis formally opened the new Emergency Department on 17th May
•Andrews House and Cooinda both enjoyed high levels of occupancy
•Community based services enjoyed a busy year
•Warragul Linen Service had another successful financial year
•Staff pledged their support for ‘Close the Gap’ on 8th May.

Staff were honoured and presented Long Service Awards, along with Life Governorships awards to staff with over 30 years of service. Volunteers with over 10 years of meritious service also received Life Governorships, plus staff member Liz Fenwick was nominated Life Governor status by the Board, for giving duty over and above that required of her position.