2015 Daffodil Bulb Fundraiser

The Blyth Bros Daffodil Growers in Ellinbank and West Gippsland Healthcare Group are holding their annual daffodil bulbs fundraiser in March and April, to raise funds for WGHG’s Allied Health Services.

The Blyth family have generously donated bags of daffodil bulbs to the West Gippsland Hospital for the past 20 years. The bulbs are sold to raise funds for new medical equipment for the following Allied Health Services; physiotherapy, occupational therapy, the community rehabilitation centre (CHC), speech pathology, dietetics and diabetes education. Over 50,000 bulbs are sold each year, raising $15,000 annually. Local businesses in Longwarry, Warragul and Yarragon also sell bulbs, plus staff and community volunteers man a dedicated stand at Farmworld. Equipment purchased from last year’s proceeds included speech pathology laptop and resources, mobile weight screening scales, juvenile diabetes cookbooks, play equipment, cross trainer exercise equipment and a child model resuscitation mannequin.