Stay home – healthcare workers appeal to West Gippsland

Staff at West Gippsland Healthcare Group have made a direct appeal to the West Gippsland community – ‘Stay Home. Save lives’.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people are being urged to stay inside to ‘flatten the curve’ and reduce the spread of the virus.
WGHG General Physician, Dr Issam Muteir, said to change the course of the outbreak, people need to stay at home and follow directions to reduce the spread of the disease.

A University of Sydney data study indicates that at least 80% of the community need to stay home to change the growth of the virus.

“We are working in a hospital so can’t stay home, we need the community to help us by doing the right thing.” Dr Muteir said.

Please Stay Home
By Dr Isaam Muteir
General Physician
West Gippsland Healthcare Group

“I am writing this to our community in regard to the pandemic of COVID19. I am one of the medical practitioners that moved with my family to this lovely community. I was born overseas. Many pandemics happened in the land where I came from over the last few centuries.
My people were doing two things in the face of these pandemics:
First: they have a rule, if pandemic happens in your town don’t leave it and if pandemic happens in other towns don’t go there.
The second rule is that is to isolate those affected people.
My grandfather and two of his brothers isolated from the family and were put in a tent outside their town with other people affected by the Cholera.  This is how the rest of my family and the tribe were saved. These measures are still valid in managing pandemics today.
In my personal opinion, the main stay of managing this pandemic and reducing its impact in terms of fatalities is stop spreading the disease in the community. The whole purpose of my letter is to highlight that measures like staying home will not only protect you from the infection but protect the rest of the community.
As a doctor, I am used to treating people with illness and diseases, but in this COVID19 pandemic, the community has a more important and vital role in managing this disease and reducing its impact on people. 
If the community adhered to measures that reduce the spread of the disease in the community then we will see less and less numbers of people affected.
People in our lovely community are our protectors and our frontliners. Adhering to measures that reduce the spread of this disease will protect us all.“


Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

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Dr Issam Muteir – Stay home and Save lives
Staff in the Emergency Department urge people to STAY HOME!