Hospital and aged care visiting hours


Visitors to our Hospital are only accepted for the following permitted reasons due to the COVID-risk remaining at Red across the State. Visitors must show proof of double vaccination or demonstrate a negative Rapid Antigen Result on the day of the visit and wear an N95 mask while visiting.

• Providing essential care or support for the patient’s immediate physical or emotional wellbeing, including support for people living with mental health conditions or dementia.
• Are the parent, carer or guardian of a person under the age of 18.
• Are a nominated person (as defined in the Mental Health Act 2014) including for patients living with dementia.
• As an interpreter or to provide language support.
• To learn to support the patient or resident’s care upon discharge.
• One partner or support person of a patient in maternity care prior to birth
• One nominated support person for a patient during birth. One of which can attend during visiting hours in the maternity unit following the birth.
• One person can accompany a patient to an emergency department or outpatient patient appointment, if necessary.
• An immediate family member (including kinship) of a patient with life-threatening condition.
• End of life support or immediate family member(s) (including kinship) of a patient or aged care resident whose medical condition is life threatening.
Phone 03 5623 0611 for more information.

*Unless where limits are specified above, no more than two visitors per day for permitted reasons.
If exceptional circumstances apply please discuss with the specific ward or unit manager by phoning 03 5623 0611.

All visitors will be required to wear an N95 face mask at all times indoors.

Visiting is allowed in our aged care residences of Andrews House and Cooinda Lodge.
Each resident may have up to 5 visitors per day but MUST pre-book by contacting our aged care reception desks:

Andrews House on 5637 4100 during business hours
Cooinda Lodge on 5623 0761 during business hours


All visitors are required to undertake a rapid antigen screening prior to entry to our aged care facilities.
The test takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and you will be required to undertake the test and complete the declaration during this time. Allow time for this to take place.
•    Visitors who have a booking must ensure that they attend our main entrance for checking in.
•     Checking in includes using the QR code, completing the declaration, signing in and out, and  recording  a  temperature  reading.
•     Visitors must adhere to their booked appointment time.
•     Visitors are encouraged to communicate with one another if there are multiple people keen to visit. We do not take responsibility for monitoring who/when/how often  visitors attend
•    Visitors must maintain social distancing and wear an N95 mask.

There are no visitor rest restrictions or time limits for End of Life Care, but this must be arranged in consultation with management or the Nurse in charge.