From left: Occupational Therapist Deb Welch, Registered Nurses Lee O’Shaughnessy and Peter Clark, Joy Sim (admin), Dr Jill Trethewey, Dr Helen Clausen, WGHG Director Audra Fenton, Registered Nurse Elizabeth Fraser (OAM), WGHG CEO Dan Weeks, Dr Tracey Wardill. Dr Craig Clarke (absent).
Helping people with memory problems

Join us in congratulating our CDAMS team who are celebrating 20 years as a service to the Baw Baw Community.

CDAMS stands for Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service.

The team has helped over 3,000 people and their families across Baw Baw Shire with memory and thinking problems by providing specialised diagnosis and support.

The team include neuropsychologists, geriatricians, an occupational therapist and registered nursing staff. 

Three of the original team members are still with the service – Dr Jillian Trethewey, Dr Tracey Wardill and Dr Helen Clausen. The team enjoyed looking back at photos taken over the years and reflecting on the journey of the service which first opened in February 1999.

If you or a loved one needs diagnosis and specialised support you can access CDAMS which is government funded by GP referral or self-referral by phoning our First Call team on 03 5624 3548.

Dr Helen Clausen, Dr Jill Trethewey and Dr Tracey Wardill reflect on achievements of the service.