Photo: Launching WGHG’s Disability Action Plan from left: WGHG Director Allied and Community Health Audra Fenton, New Wave member Graham Binding and New Wave Project worker and support coordinatorSupport Coordinator Fiona Dollar. Back row: WGHG Consumer Engagement & Volunteer Coordinator Rosemary Joiner, WGHG Volunteer Community Voices Rachael Walters, and WGHG CEO Dan Weeks.
Disability Plan to reduce health barriers

WGHG has launched a Disability Action Plan to reduce barriers experienced by people with disability and improve access to health services and resources.WGHG Chief Executive Officer, Dan Weeks, said the Plan had been developed after consulting widely with community groups, people living with a disability, carers, general public, and health services staff.

“Entering the healthcare system can be daunting for anyone but for those with a disability it can be more challenging. This plan outlines how WGHG will better meet the needs of people with disability, including our patients, staff and our community.”

The Plan aligns with WGHG’s strategic objectives of person-centred care and inclusiveness. It focuses on key areas to ensure that:

  • consumers with a disability receive the same level of service as other consumers
  • candidates with a disability who apply for a job at WGHG get the same opportunities as other candidates
  • health information is available in different formats so that everyone can be informed

Some of the actions to achieve this will include staff training and awareness, a review of written health information, signage and way finding, car parking access, telehealth options and more.

Volunteer Rachael Walters who is a member of WGHG’s Community Voices Committee said she was pleased to be involved in the development of the plan.

“It was an opportunity for a wide range of people to convey their experiences of health services and help make a difference to improve services so they are accessible to everyone.”

Dan Weeks said WGHG was most grateful for the community input to the new Disability Action Plan and thanked all those who had contributed.

To learn more about the Disability Plan visit our Publications page or phone WGHG Consumer Engagement and Volunteers Coordinator on 03 5624 0597.