From left: Drouin and District Community Bank Manager Rob Hutchinson, Directors Matthew Williamson and Sean Walsh, WGHG Director Kathy Kinrade, Drouin and District Community Bank Chair Rod Dunlop, WGHG’s Acting Operations Manager Geraldine Freriks, Nurse Unit Manager Suzanne Griffith and Nurse Specialist Danielle Gorman (seated in chair).
Dialysis patients benefit from new Community Bank Cluster funding

Patients who rely on life saving dialysis at West Gippsland Hospital will benefit from a new Bendigo Bank Cluster donation fund. Drouin and District Community Bank delivered $5,000 to the Haemodialysis Unit to West Gippsland Hospital for the purchase of a new Bariatric Dialysis Chair to improve comfort for patients.

Drouin and District Community Bank Chair, Rod Dunlop, said the Bank was delighted to assist the hospital with this life saving service.

“This donation is part of a new $75,000 Gippsland Bendigo Community Banks Cluster funding initiative. Community banks across Gippsland will be contributing to hospitals and aged care centres in the coming months through this fund.”

“Drouin and District Community Bank is pleased to allocate its share of cluster funding to support West Gippsland Hospital.
WGHG Nurse Unit Manager, Suzanne Griffiths, welcomed the support.

“Patients whose kidneys fail generally attend the clinic three days a week and sit in a dialysis chair for treatment that usually lasts between four to five hours. This additional dialysis chair provides a number of features that will help to make this time more comfortable.”

Since its inception, Drouin and District Community Bank Chair has returned close to $6 million to its community in donations and dividends.
Rod Dunlop said the donation to West Gippsland Hospital will add to that impressive total.

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