From left: Club 88’s Dawn Smethurst, Dawn Harper, WGHG’s Danielle Gorman, Club 88 President Dianne Mitchell and Joy Young.
Club 88 supports Haemodialysis Unit

Club 88 has answered the call to help patients who rely on life saving dialysis at West Gippsland Hospital.Through fundraising activities, the group donated $1,800 to purchase new chairs with armrests and a commode chair to improve patient facilities.

WGHG Nurse Unit Manager, Suzanne Griffiths, thanked Club 88 for their generosity in supporting patient care.

“We conducted patient surveys to gain feedback on their experience of care tin our Haemodialysis Unit. As a result we discovered that some people were finding it difficult to get up from chairs in the patient waiting room because the chairs had no arm rests to lift themselves up from.”

“This donation will enable us to fulfil their wishes for new chairs with arm rests. We are also purchasing a new commode chair as we had been borrowing one from another department so it will be a lot easier to have one here permanently.”

The West Gippsland Hospitals Haemodialysis Unit provides dialysis to people whose kidneys fail. Patients generally attend the clinic three times a week for treatment that usually lasts four to 5 hours.

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