Photo from left: WGHG CEO Dan Weeks, Nicole Robertson, Meredith Davey, Blyth Bros John Blyth and David Blyth, WGHG Board Chair Christine Holland, Leanne Coupland, Elaine Coetzee and Sue Aberdeen (NB photo was taken before restrictions were increased to mandatory mask wearing indoors
Bulbs raise funds for community health

Daffodils are set to bloom in local gardens again this Spring thanks to another successful West Gippsland Hospital daffodil bulb fundraiser.

The Hospital has sold more than 1,000 bags of bulbs since March to raise $23,000 for community health medical equipment.

WGHG Board Chair, Christine Holland, said the fundraiser, in its 27th year, is a wonderful example of businesses partnering together to support their local hospital and community.

“The Blyth Bros farm at Ellinbank donates all of the bulbs and local retailers then sell the bulbs at their outlets without charging any commission. This means 100% of the sale goes directly to the hospital for medical equipment.”

“It’s a unique partnership. The community love the bulbs and they love that all of the money goes to help local people.”

John and David Blyth from Blyth Bros farm visited the hospital to see all of the equipment purchased from last year’s fundraiser.

This included assessment and therapy resources for adult and child patients, mobility devices, walkers and walking frames, pressure cushions, exercise equipment,  TENs machine for continence clients, resources for diabetes education,  kitchen aids to help people regain independance and more

John Blyth said he was amazed each year at how far the money goes in purchasing rehabilitation equipment and support items for people with diverse healthcare in the community.

“Our farm has been donating bulbs to the hospital for 27 years now and we are proud that the community continues to be so supportive of the fundraiser. It is a wonderful way to support our local hospital and our community. We look forward to seeing the daffodils bloom in local gardens come Spring.”

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