How Do I Make A Booking?

Below is a list of Obstetricians who are registered with our Hospital:


  • Dr Lal McLennan
  • Dr David Simon
If you have medical/health issues or a complicated pregnancy (including a multiple pregnancy or difficulties with previous pregnancies or births), you may require care by an obstetrician.


Below is a list of General Practitioners who are registered with our Hospital:

  • Dr Michael Crameri – Bank Place Medical Centre, Drouin
  • Dr Lisa Zeng – Bank Place Medical Centre, Drouin
  • Dr Patrick Ruane – Gladstone Street Clinic, Warragul
  • Dr Louise Sterling – Gladstone Street Clinic, Warragul
  • Dr Peter Verbeek – Trafalgar Medical Centre, Trafalgar
  • Dr Briohney Klason – Trafalgar Medical Centre, Trafalgar


KYM Program

We have a small team of midwives who provide a ‘Know Your Midwife’ (KYM) program with the majority of your pregnancy visits being with these midwives, or shared with an Obstetric GP, depending on risk factors.
If you are interested in our KYM program, please discuss this with your booking GP.


Making a booking

To make a booking, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Your GP will provide you with a booking in form, or you can have one sent to you from the hospital.
  2. Return your completed form via post to:
    Maternity Booking Office
    West Gippsland Hospital
    41 Landsborough St,
    Warragul VIC 3820

Once we have receive your completed form, the Maternity Booking Office will contact you to make a time for your booking-in appointment. If you have not been contacted within 14 days of returning your form, please telephone the Maternity Booking Office on (03) 5623 0811 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9.00am and 2.00pm.


What to bring to your booking-in appointment

Please bring with you:

  • doctors card (this will be given to you by your chosen accredited doctor)
  • medicare card
  • healthcare card (if applicable)
  • the name of the Pathology Practice where your blood tests were taken and/or the results if available


At your Booking In appointment, our midwife will explain all the necessary information you will need to know about coming to hospital including:

  • Your length of stay in hospital
  • what to bring to hospital for you and your baby


General Information


  • childbirth classes will be booked in at your booking in appointment.
  • the estimated length of hospital stay is usually two nights following a normal birth, and four nights after a caesarean section.
  • visiting hours for family and friends are strictly 2.00pm – 4.00pm and 6.00pm – 8.00pm. Partners can come at other times, except during rest time.
  • no visitor between 11.30 am – 12.30 pm as this is designated rest time for all mothers within the Unit.
  • after you go home from hospital, you will be offered a visit from the ‘Midwife at Home’ service, usually this is 1-2 follow up home visits.
  • your usual GP and the maternal and child health nurse will then take over your ongoing care.